Friday, 1 July 2011

Large Ego Collider

I worked on a couple of private commissions this week – trying to clear the backlog so I can work on a new (top secret) project. Well, I’ve told just about everybody I know what it is but I can’t publish anything on the web just yet. I’d be a crap spy.

Anyway, here we have a cartoon for a friend at work to give as a wedding gift. I was a bit more anally retentive than usual with my inking and colouring here. This was probably as a result of having seen some of Steve Bell's cartoons at a master class last week. My GOD those things pop out of the page at you – absolutely fantastic. There were a few of things that surprised me about his technique; firstly he works very small and also quite slowly (no wild strokes of the pen here), secondly he dumps loads of watercolour on the page and then uses blotting paper to take of the excess, and thirdly he does very few drawings before starting on the final piece. I got to show him some of my work but he didn’t say much about it – probably because I was nervously yapping away. Sorry, the cartoon:

I drew this cartoon for another friend at work to give to her father for his birthday. I’m afraid I can’t claim the credit for the Large Hadron Collider pun but the awful Higgs Boson pun is all my own work – well, can you do any better?

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