Tuesday, 21 June 2011

May Balls

I was secretly hoping I’d be asked to do the cover for the special May Ball edition of The Cambridge Student (The May Balls being the Cambridge University end of exam parties which take place in June – another quirk of this very old institution), but instead I was asked to do another cover for the magazine section, entitled Bridge. See my first attempt at doing one of these here.

The editor wanted a sort of ‘evolution of man’ illustration, depicting a line of students processing from the exam hall to the May Ball. The students leaving the exams were to look exhausted and depressed, but as they approached the May Ball they gradually assume more upright postures until they’re at the door bursting with new-found energy. Thinking about it, I should have included their deterioration during the night into droopy-eyed, grass-stained, beer-soaked inebriates, thereby completing the cycle of wretchedness.

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